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Chaotic Urban Gangfight

China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia is an action game created by Incredible Game. The action game features missions, shootouts, and hijacking in an open world setting. Players perform various tasks while trying to stay alive from the very aggressive police and gangsters.

It’s Not GTA At All

China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia takes place in the fictional China Town despite having several Japanese pagodas. There are 3 characters to choose from but only 1 character is available at the start. Players are tasked to complete various objectives like going to checkpoints, collecting mission items, rescuing an NPC or drive-by shootings. Every time a task is completed or the character dies, players are redirected to a partner advertisement. There are no checkpoints so players who died have to start from the beginning. On the other hand, any accumulated money, guns and bullets are carried on upon restarting. Money can be acquired by doing missions or robbing pedestrians. The mission NPCs cannot be killed accidentally.

Everything Looks Bad

It is very apparent that the graphics are very lackluster and pixelated while the frame rate is very slow. Buildings, traffic posts, poles, and other game models are scaled badly. They are either very far or gigantic. There are some sections blocked by invisible walls like bodies of water or the map boundary. Some parts of the city vacant while the streets are filled with pedestrians and vehicles. Other buildings are actually floating from the ground instead of being intact on the surface. Most game models only spawn if the player is present at certain places. The A.I. is very poor. Any pedestrians can get run over by the cars as if they can’t fend off themselves. Vehicles often bump with each other. The police and gangsters will spawn anywhere and they will indiscriminately shoot at you everywhere unless players retreat. The collision detection is also terrible. Hitting a pedestrian, police or gangster feels no impact at all. There are even floating pedestrians or frozen ones. Dialogs in this game are brought by text to speech since there are no voice actors. Grammar lapses and misspellings are also noticeable.

It Plays So Wrong

The minimap at the top of the user displays the markers, landmarks, and streets. It also accidentally shows the map legends like Gun Shop, Pool, etc. Clicking the minimap displays the whole game map, the player location and the current location of objectives. The controls are very janky and unintuitive. There are four basic buttons to interact with the world: sprint, kick, jump and punch. Sadly the sprint and jump cannot be pressed together. Players cannot change their sprinting direction with left or right. They have to manually face the direction they intend to go to. This is a major problem when it comes to combat because players cannot directly face their targets. Attempting to walk other than forwarding will cause the players to walk very slowly. The Hijack button appears when players get closer to a vehicle. The Shoot button appears only if the players have entered the gun shop and purchase a gun. Shooting is awkward because players have to hold the shoot button. The reticle must be in line with the target indicated by a red crosshair. The character reloads the gun once in a while even the ammunition has a large quantity. The Shop button is located at the left side of the UI for purchasing bullets and health upgrades. Riding a vehicle is more of a hassle because the camera angle is fixed. Players have to also stop their vehicle before boarding down, and they can only ride on the left side of the vehicle. Drifting is awkwardly implemented due to the lack of momentum. Riding a vehicle triggers the police or other gangsters to shoot the player. There are only 4 unlicensed song clips used for the radio. There is an issue where entering a damaged vehicle will make it explode and causes the players to be gone or stuck.

Not A Fun Experience At All

China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia attempts to ride in with the popularity of Grand Theft Auto. Everything is bought from the Unity store and it looks unimpressive. The controls are very bad despite being easy to play. There are other better games with the same premise of stealing cars and shooting enemies.


  • Powered by Unity engine
  • Easy to play
  • Open world exploration
  • Endless hours of play


  • Microtransactions for unlocking guns and other characters
  • Poor game models from the Unity store and terrible A.I.
  • Horrible controls
  • Boring and repetitive music

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